I can go anywhere from here?

No doubt library users have made use of what we refer to as “melting pot” databases during the beginning stages of research at SDSU.  EBSCOhost and ProQuest – two examples of broad, multi-disciplinary databases used to research almost any topic and find results.


However, as users transition beyond their first and second years at SDSU and into more challenging, discipline-specific coursework, resources like EBSCOhost and Proquest no longer satisfy research needs and instructors’ requirements.  Simply stated, EBSCOhost covers such a large range of topics it can barely scratch the surface of the literature in all of these fields.  Thus, it is vital for users as budding professionals in their area of expertise to learn to research using discipline-specific databases. 


Learning how to use a professional level database now not only benefits users in their remaining years of research at SDSU, but also primes for success at graduate level research and makes a more marketable job candidate.  For example, it is likely that employers of newly hired Nursing graduates expect these employees already know how to search Cinahl (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health) or Medline. 


Wondering what professional-level database is available in your area of study?  Some examples are listed below.  To access these databases, go to the main library web page at:  http://lib.sdstate.edu  and click “Research Databases”.  In addition, you can check out our Research by Topic Guides for suggestions on discipline-specific resources, or E-mail a Librarian! 

Laura M. Wight~Reference Librarian


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