Get your freaky read @ Briggs Library…

Mid-terms are here!  It’s the time of the semester when students, faculty and staff are feeling harried and could use a nice, relaxing read.  Have we got a deal for you!   Did you know in addition to our plentiful research resources, we also have fiction books for more leisure reading AND a variety of Government Documents?  We’ve pulled a selection of our best creepy, scary, haunting and just plain freaky books and Government Documents for you to peruse the next time you visit the library.  Check out the displays in the lobby on the main level, and in Government Documents on the lower level, and take a good read home tonight as a temporary distraction from the craziness of mid-terms.  Oh, and Happy Halloween! Halloween Display   


One Response to Get your freaky read @ Briggs Library…

  1. Vickie says:

    Freakiness abounds throughout the library this week. Check out the scary documents display on the lower level of the library. Docs Librarian

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