New Acquisitions Associate Joins Library Staff

Tom Henley recently joined the Acquisitions Department as a Library Associate.  His position is responsible for purchasing books and videos for the library and paying invoices for all types of library materials. While new to the library, Tom Henley is not new to the university having previously worked in Purchasing and Accounts Payable, with a grant project in Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences, and with the South Dakota Art Museum and South Dakota State Agricultural Heritage Museum.  He has been active on the Career Advisory Council and the University’s Parking Committee. 

Tom and his wife live in rural Aurora.  They have four adult children and fourteen grandchildren.  Commenting on their experience serving as youth ministers for two years and foster parents in Kansas they said, “ It has made a big impression on how important our youth and children are to us.  We hope to keep working with the kids here.”  Remodeling projects keep Tom busy in his spare time.  Tom enjoys woodworking, hunting and fishing


Mary Caspers-Graper, Acquisitions Librarian


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