New Web Design for Briggs Library

We are very pleased to present a new design of Briggs Library’s web site. The previous design had been used for many years and was really not meeting our needs anymore. It had also lost its integrity because of numerous “fixes” that were required to meet changing needs over the years. The new design required a year-long process of reviewing other academic library web sites, creating draft designs, numerous and lengthy discussions, and talking with students and others about our proposed designs. We believe the new design presents a more appealing, modern, and less stodgy, image of Briggs Library. In addition, we believe the new structure is  more utilitarian and intuitive, although it certainly will require an adjustment period for those who had become comfortable with the previous design. We view this unveiling as a noteworthy accomplishment, but we know there is still much more work to be done to fully implement the new design. In addition, we also recognize that we must continue to strive to enhance the look and functionality of the library’s web site. Please tell us what you think of our work and how we might improve. I can’t guarantee that we will make all the changes you suggest, but I do guarantee that we will appreciate and seriously consider your comments. Thanks, Clark Hallman, Head of Public Services



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  1. Robert G. says:

    A clean layout that uses a lot of white space enhances a site’s looks. Try to keep the focus on your content.

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