Web of Science – An awesome information resource!

Using Web of Science, researchers can identify current and retrospective science and social sciences information from thousands of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world. Users can retrieve relevant information quickly and effectively with powerful search capabilities such as: author searching, keyword searching, publication title searching, and article title searching. 

In addition, cited reference searching provides researchers the unique ability to indentify works that have cited previously published materials relevant to their research interests.  In other words, this feature enables users to begin their search for information with a journal article pertinent to their research and to identify subsequently published articles citing the previous article, moving forward in time.  Cited reference searching not only identifies relevant sources of information about a specific topic, but also may indicate the importance of a published work through the number of times it has been cited by other researchers.  In fact, it is often used by researchers to highlight the importance of their own work by documenting the number of times their work has been cited and by whom. 

The SDSU community has access to the following Web of Science databases:Science Citation Index, 1992 – present
Social Sciences Citation Index, 2001 – present

I think you will find Web of Science to be an awesome resource.  Give it a try by clicking here or access it via Briggs Library’s Research Databases page.

– Clark Hallman, Head of Public Services and Head of Reference


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