Looks like you could use….

A really good topic and supportive background information for your next research assignment.  The library has just the thing……a Topic Finder.  That’s right, a web page with the singular purpose of providing you with a list of print and electronic resources where you can find hot topics.   There are so many listed there, one is sure to catch your eye.  In fact, these resources are so cool many of them will provide supportive background information and even lead you to additional resources related to the topic you choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now that’s exciting! 

And, remember, if you ever need research assistance, stop by/call/e-mail/or chat with the reference librarians at the information desk.  We’re here to provide you with the skills to be effective and efficient researchers (and we love doing it!).

Laura M Wight, Reference Librarian


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