Interlibrary Loan Turnaround Time

Comment from an SDSU graduate student received March 12, 2008:

It seems that it takes a very long time to get an ILL photocopy of a journal article any more. I can remember getting 1-2 day turnaround on requests, but ever since ILLiad, it takes 10-14 days. Will this return time improve?

Our Response:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dissatisfied with our interlibrary loan service recently.  Most of our patrons (those who have commented on ILLiad) have been very pleased with the speed of the desktop delivery of articles and the fact that they can track the progress of their own interlibrary loans through ILLiad.  However, I was concerned that we may have gotten lax with some of your requests, so I looked at the 5 requests that you have submitted through ILLiad.  One request in September was filled within a few hours.  Two articles requested in January (on Friday before a 3-day weekend) took 3 working days to complete. A request submitted on March 6 was delivered today (4 working days).  I think you would agree that 3-4 working days is reasonable time for other libraries to fill our requests, and I’m betting that the weekends just made your wait seem unusually long. Unfortunately, with our library budget we can’t process requests over weekends and holidays. 

Thank you for your comment.  We really do strive to improve our services in any way that we can, and comments like yours help us do that.  Perhaps in the future we’ll find a way to process requests on weekends. – Mary Kraljic, Access Services Librarian   


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