Your Library Rocks (And we care about people, too!)

Okay, okay, I work here, so yes, my opinion is a little biased.  However, I think I can safely speak for all the employees at Briggs Library when I say that we truly enjoy interacting with our campus community and providing the most efficient and effective service possible.   Throughout the academic year, the staff and faculty of HM Briggs Library participate in a variety of outreach activities to promote the library’s services and materials.    Last week, we had a booth at the annual campus Financial Planning and Investment Day.  This was an opportunity for us to promote the myriad of resources we have available on everything from budgeting and investing all the way to retirement.  Below is a photo of our very own Barbara Pagel, Government Documents Library Technician, staffing the Briggs Library booth at that event.  Just a reminder that we’re here for you, in many ways, and we’re proud of our excellent service! 


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