Request to Add a New Journal Subscription

Comment from an SDSU graduate student received on April 2, 2008:

I know journals are expensive, but maybe consider purchasing Ecological Modelling, especially with so many students in the GIScCe.

Our response:

Unfortunately a subscription to Ecological Modelling would cost more than $4500 per year.  With a static budget the library cannot afford to add access to this journal.  The Directors of the Regental Libraries in the state have been working together to increase library funding.  This push has not yet yielded additional funds. We will retain your request and if additional funds become available adding this title will certainly be considered. – Mary Caspers-Graper, Head of Technical Services


One Response to Request to Add a New Journal Subscription

  1. Anonymous says:

    It sounds to me like the regents need to work harder. that must be where the 8% tuition hike is going, huh?

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