Mary Lou Berry Retiring this Week

Mary Lou Berry will process her last interlibrary loan request for us on May 2, when she retires from employment at SDSU. Ms Berry has been resource sharing with other libraries since June 2000 and during that time has processed nearly 58,000 requests–over 7,000 every year! (For a photo of Mary Lou with one of the more unique items she was able to find for a patron, click on the Interlibrary Loan under “Categories” on the right.) 

She has done an outstanding job and helped build a strong, positive reputation for Briggs Library. As one recent graduate and frequent interlibrary loan user described us: “…the most student friendly, most helpful, most professional entity on campus!” Others have recognized the importance of Ms Berry’s work to their own research: “I have requested quite a number of interlibrary loan items for my research, teaching and other scholarly activities,” wrote one faculty member. “I can also tell you that these interlibrary loan items contributed significantly to my successful winning of two grants…” Another wrote that he has “co-authored 4 conference papers, one journal article, two proposal drafts and many teaching support materials…these would be impossible to achieve without university ILL support and Mary’s hard work.”   She’ll be greatly missed by her co-workers and by many students, faculty, and researchers across campus. We wish her the best of times and a long, happy retirement.

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