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Comment received from an SDSU faculty member on June 2, 2008:

I am a new SDSU faculty member. At my previous institution, we were able to set up our search preferences keywords with a research librarian and weekly or biweekly Current Contents digests in tagged format for import to reference software would be emailed to us. Is this a service that is available here? Would I be able to just transfer my search preferences from my previous university? Who would I need to meet with or speak to in order to get set up? Thanks.

Our Response:

This summer we are moving our Current Contents access from the SilverPlatter platform to the OvidSP platform. Both are owned by Ovid and they plan to discontinue the SilverPlatter platform in the future. We did not want to make this change in platforms during the fall or spring semesters. Therefore we choose to make the switch during the summer. We have asked Ovid technical support to make the switch for us, but it has not been accomplished yet. When the conversion is completed we will notify you.

The OvidSP platform enables researchers to establish their own “OvidSP Auto Alerts” to keep up to date on research topics. We can help you set that up after the switch is complete. – Clark Hallman, Head of Public Services


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