Did You Know …. Documents Databases Rock!

Did ya know? Do ya care? Of course you should. Yes indeed, the Information Highway can be a bit easier to navigate with government databases just a few keystrokes and clicks away. Federal government information is available not only from agency web sites, but also from a multitude of federally sponsored databases, or search engines. Interested in medicine? Try the National Library of Medicine! Search tools include MedlinePlus, Clinical Trials, DailyMed, and PubMed. Topics covered range from basic consumer information to scholarly scientific and medical research. And oh yes, much is available full text online. BONUS!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re interested in energy topics, try the Department of Energy’s Information Bridge. Scientific and technical information is at your fingertips. From 1991 forward, many full text documents and bibliographic citations of the Department of Energy’s research reports literature awaits your discovery.

For a number of federal databases related to the presidency, legislature, and judiciary, try GPO ACCESS! GPO Access is one stop shopping for the US Code, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Core Documents of Democracy, Bills, Laws, the Catalog of Government Publications and much, much more.

Some government databases are only available in the library or on campus. Our most recent addition is the Homeland Security Digital Library. Want flood information? Check it out with your friendly Documents Librarian. Want technical reports, try the NTIS. The National Technical Information Service links to bibliographic records and full text (when available) to over 240,000 reports from 1961-2000. Ask for assistance in the Documents Office or at the Information Desk.

For more government search engines check out “Finding Government Information: Federal Databases“.

Happy Surfing! AND Rock On!

Vickie Mix, Documents Librarian


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