Greetings from Hyderabad, India!

Greetings from Hyderabad, India! 


The Dean of Libraries, Dr. David Gleim, and I are currently on a 2.5 week faculty seminar program in Hyderabad India, through a partnership between SDSU and the University of Hyderabad.  The Study in India Program (SIP) is in it’s 10th year, and includes both semester long student exchange programs, and the shorter summer exchange program for faculty.  We are part of a group of 9 faculty total from around the U.S. participating in the exchange.  Over the next two weeks, we may drop by the Briggs Library blog to let you all know about the interesting sites we’ve been visiting, and our discoveries while in India.  For more info. On the Study in India Program, visit the SDSU Office of International Affairs, or check out the University of Hyderabad site at:

While taking the long flights to Hyderabad, we stopped over at Schipol Airport, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We had 6+ hours to kill at the aiport…lucky for us the famous Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam has a small satellite museum in the airport.  As it happens, they must have known librarians were coming.  The featured display is currently “Books in the Age of Rembrandt” – check out the art we saw online at: .  A truly breathtaking display!

The first two days of the seminar here in Hyderabad have been thought-provoking and informative, to say the least.  We have quickly bonded with our academic colleagues, and learned about the history of higher education in India and the Indian economy through in-depth lectures provided by the Univ. of Hyderabad faculty.  We also had an excellent tour of the University’s Indira Gandhi Memorial Library . 

In the afternoons and evenings, we have ventured out to visit local sites, including Golkonda fort and the Qutub Shahi Tombs  We will plan to display photographs of our ventures when we return – uploading the images here is nearly impossible.  We hope you’ll enjoy the virtual field trip with us by visiting these sites! 

Laura M. Wight (Information Literacy Librarian, Associate Professor)


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