SDSU Model Gets Updated

Chuck Cecil Works on the Model of SDSU

Chuck Cecil Works on the Model of SDSU
Photo by Sandra Linn, Bindery Dept.

Normally, the lobby of Briggs Library contains a model of the SDSU campus. This wooden representation of SDSU is a popular site for newcomers seeking directions and for potential students and their parents touring the campus. Currently, visitors have to make due with paper maps because the campus model has been removed temporarily for updating.

Former SDSU employee and Distinguished Alumnus Chuck Cecil is working on the model so that it reflects the growth of SDSU. Mr. Cecil, who is retired from SDSU and from a second career as a newspaper publisher, built the original model in the 1970’s. Now, he is building miniature versions of recent building projects such as the Wellness Center, Equestrian Center, Avera Health Complex, Harding Hall South, Dykhouse Student Athlete Center, and Innovation Campus. Library staff and patrons can look for the model’s return in a few weeks.

Linda Kott
Information Services Librarian

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