Chemistry Database Gets New Interface

For all you chemistry researchers out there, we now have access to SciFinder Scholar via the web. SciFinder Scholar provides comprehensive bibliographic access to the scientific literature of chemistry and related disciplines. Access is limited to SDSU faculty, staff, and students due to licensing restrictions.

SciFinder Scholar provides the SDSU community with quick and easy access to a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines. Faculty and students can explore:

  • CAS database content created by scientists
  • References from over 9,500 currently published journals and patent information from more than 50 active patent issuing authorities
  • Important discoveries that span the scientific century back to 1900
  • The latest scientific breakthroughs almost as soon as they are published with references added daily and some patent information as recent as two days ago
  • Complete coverage of chemistry and the life sciences including biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and related disciplines
  • The world’s largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information

To access this database, a user must create a free account. These accounts can be created here. Remember, this account must include an SDSU e-mail account. We only have one concurrent user for all the South Dakota universities.

~Elizabeth Fox, Digital Information Services Librarian


2 Responses to Chemistry Database Gets New Interface

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have registered already but unable to connect from my home internet

  2. We were hoping that this would be available from off-campus without being directed through our proxy server since you have to have an individual account. However, it turns out that we will have to direct this through our proxy server for off-campus access. This takes a little time to set up but should be done by February 17 or 18. In the meantime, SciFinder Scholar is still available on campus. We are sorry for any inconvenience this delay in off-campus access causes.

    Elizabeth Fox, Digital Information Services Librarian

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