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It’s great to have a wealth of resources available in a library.  But we have to be able to find the information we want.  That’s where cataloging comes in.  Catalogers analyze resources and assign descriptors such as subject terms and call numbers so that users can find the items in the library’s catalog and on the shelves. 


For many resources, some of the cataloging work can be imported from WorldCat, an international database of catalog records maintained by OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and contributed by libraries worldwide.  However, Briggs Library receives items that have not been cataloged by OCLC’s member libraries, including materials that originate at SDSU like Master’s and PhD theses.  For these resources our Cataloging Department needs to provide original cataloging information.


Minitex, a consortium of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota libraries, recently published a list of its “Top 10 OCLC Original Catalogers” for 2008.  The creation of 469 original cataloging records earned SDSU a number ten placing on this list. 


Congratulations to hard working Cataloging staff members Lisa Lindell, Kay Hauge, and Kim Winterfeld.


Linda Kott

Information Services Librarian



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