Librarians Make Presentations at Conferences

Three librarians from H. M. Briggs Library recently participated in regional conferences.

Laura Wight, Information Literacy Librarian and Associate Professor, conducted a session entitled “Stuck in the Social Web” at the Library Technology 2009 Conference held in St. Paul, Minnesota, March 18-19. Ms. Wight’s presentation helped library professionals analyze World Wide Web social networks and discriminate between technology fads and social networks that could improve library services. Participants discussed applications such as Facebook, Myspace, Meebo, blogs, and wikis and which of these applications would best serve particular libraries and their customers. For more information view the following Web site or contact Ms. Wight at or 605-688-5955.

Elizabeth Fox, Digital Information Services Librarian, presented a session called “Embedded Librarians: Fighting for Information Literacy” at the Mountain Plains Library Association/Kansas Library Association (MPLA/KLA) joint conference held in Wichita, Kansas, April 1-3. Ms. Fox focused on her experience working with an undergraduate Sociology class over the course of several weeks as they created group poster presentations. Ms. Fox also discussed a variety of ways librarians could become more integrated in university classes. If you are interested further information, contact Ms. Fox at or 605-688-5569.

Vickie Mix, Government Documents Librarian, presented “E-Government: Documents and Services to the People” at the MPLA/KLA 2009 Conference held in Wichita, Kansas. Ms. Mix noted that government information and government services are increasingly delivered to citizens via the internet. She explored the implications of this trend for public, school, and academic libraries in delivering services to library users. She noted that electronic government services require librarians and library users to learn and employ new knowledge, skills, and collaborative strategies. For more information access “e-government” from or contact Ms. Mix at or 605-688-5958.


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