Earth Day 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009!

The United States has been celebrating Earth Day since 1970, the year the Environmental Protection Agency was created.  These government websites offer more information about Earth Day:

This website provides information on conservation and volunteer opportunities.  A special ‘for kids’ section offers many Earth Day and environment-related games and learning activities for kids or kids-at-heart.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website offers news, analysis on a variety of environmental issues, information about Earth-friendly science and technology, and much more.

This page, provided by the EPA, gives a nice timeline of environmental progress from 1970 to today.


Also, feel free to visit the lower level of the library to see our Earth Day display full of a variety of government publications regarding the environment. 


And, a reminder… the staff at the Information Desk and the Government Documents office are available to help you with your research needs, environment-related or otherwise!

Earth Day 2009 display

Earth Day 2009 display


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