Librarians Participate at State Conference

Librarians from H. M. Briggs Library recently participated in the South Dakota Library Association (SDLA) Annual Conference held in Aberdeen, SD, October 7-9.

Laura Wight, Information Literacy Librarian, and Elizabeth Fox, Digital Information Services Librarian, conducted a session entitled “A Virtual Librarian in Every Classroom.”  They featured a variety of ways to provide virtual library information services, including Meebo chat widgets on Web and courseware pages, social bookmarking, online tutorials, topic-specific Web guides, and Web conferencing.  For more information view the following Web site or contact Ms. Wight at or 605-688-5955 or Ms. Fox at or 605-688-5569.

Mary Caspers-Graper, Head of Technical Services, presented a poster session at the conference entitled “Selecting E-Books” that focused on the decision making process of e-book selection.  The poster detailed different purchasing options, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and relating decisions to the needs of library patrons. 

Linda Kott, Information Services Librarian, also presented a poster session.  Ms. Kott’s selection, entitled, “Less is More:  Content Selection in Library Instruction” addressed librarians who often try to fit too much information into one-hour instruction sessions.  Strategies for focusing content included employing outcomes, student-centered learning, and active learning.  Ms. Kott included information from her recent attendance at the 2009 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Immersion Program for Teachers. 

David Gleim, Dean of Libraries, finished a year-long term of office as the Chair of SDLA’s Academic, Health Sciences, and Special Libraries Section.  Linda Kott finished a year-long term as Section Secretary and was elected to the Chair position for the next year.

Linda Kott

Information Services Librarian


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