South Dakota Legislative Session

February 4, 2010

2010 South Dakota State Legislature

The South Dakota State Legislature is currently in full session. The Legislative session opened January 12, 2010 and adjourns March 29, 2010. Article III of the Constitution of South Dakota established the legislature as a bicameral body consisting of the State Senate and House of Representatives. 35 Senators from 35 districts serve South Dakota constituents as do 70 Representatives from 35 Districts.

2010 has been a busy legislative session despite the challenges of a South Dakota winter. February 4, 2010 is the final day to introduce committee bills and joint resolutions. As of Feb. 12, 2010, the Legislative Research Council ‘s 2010 session bills list  indicates 511 total bills have been introduced in both Houses.

House of Representatives:

  • 278 House Bills
  • 2 House Commemoration
  • 8 House Concurrent Resolutions
  • 6 House Joint Resolutions


  • 196 Senate Bills
  • 13 Senate Commemorations
  • 1 Senate Concurrent Resolution
  • 7 Senate Joint Resolutions

The South Dakota Legislative Research Council provides information on State Legislators, Legislative Sessions from 1997 to present, the South Dakota Constitution, South Dakota Codified Laws, Administrative Rules, and other information on the Legislature. In addition, with a MyLRC account users can create customized lists of Bills, Statutes, Rules, and other information, and sign up for email notifications based on the lists that have been created. South Dakota Public Broadcasting provides live audio broadcasts of Senate and House Sessions linked on the 2010 Legislative Session page.

A brochure providing an overview of the current session can be found at

For more detailed information about the South Dakota Legislature, please visit the South Dakota Legislative Research Council .

Additional information about South Dakota State government is available from the Official State Government Website . As always, Government Documents staff are ready, willing, and enthusiastically able to help you find local, state, and federal government information.

Vickie Mix, Government Documents Librarian