Art Exhibit at Library

“Flowing Knowledge” and Process Photos by Evan Place/Photo by Patty Vick

Have you ever wanted to rip your textbooks apart?  That’s exactly what students in Leda Cempellin’s Art History 490 class have done, but they have her approval.  In fact, the book on art history the students dismantled was written and published by Dr. Cempellin.  The students’ assignment was to make the book unreadable while expressing themselves as artists.

Come to the library to see “Between Object and Process:  A Dialogue of Art Making” which features students’ work and their comments on the creative process.  Pieces currently on display can be found in the lobby and in the display case next to room 105.  Ask any library employee to direct you.  The current exhibit will continue until June 20 and a larger show will take place in late summer and fall. 

 Thank you to Dr. Cempellin and her students for bringing their art to Briggs Library.

Linda Kott, Information Services Librarian

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