Banana Boxes Maps and Microfilm

Briggs Library Lower Level Madness has risen to new heights. Library staff have been furiously moving furniture, clearing shelves, emptying map cases, and empting microfilm cabinets. Why the madness, you ask? And what do Banana Boxes have to do with anything?  

Briggs Library is undergoing major changes on the Lower Level of the Library. Since 1977, the year of H.M. Briggs opening, the Lower Level has been “decorated” for the time-1977, that is. What do you think of when asked about the library basement? ORANGE! Yes, the orange carpet and orange shelves are certainly retro, but the carpet has seen much better days. Sooooooooooooo…finally………………..the library is getting new carpet for the entire Lower Level! AND………………….it IS NOT ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The Bound Periodical, Documents, Curriculum, Maps, and Microform Collections will all be moved at one time or another to accomodate the carpet layers. Thus, these collections will have limited access until the project is completed. Microfilm cabinets and map cases are entirely too heavy when full to move. Documents Staff have emptied 240 map drawers with over 70,000 maps, and 360 microfilm drawers with over 20,000 microfilm reels to temporary locations. If all goes well, the collections should be available  by Mid-June. Thank you for your patience during our organized chaos.  

So what about those banana boxes? Did you know a banana box can hold 80-88 reels of microfilm? Well now you know! Amazing what one learns when scavenging for boxes-banana boxes are the best!    

Nikunj and Sunil prepare maps for move

Kathy prepares map stack

Room soon to be filled with maps

Nikunj, Sunil, and Laura map movers

The "Map Room"

Banana boxes-thanks HyVee!

Microfilm cabinets-360 drawers

The "Microfilm Room"

Ice cream for a job well done!


 Vickie Mix, Documents Librarian  

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