Organized Chaos: Lower Level Madness Continues

June 3, 2010

If Documents Staff seem a little distracted, disgruntled, disorganized, take a peek at the happenings on the Lower Level of the Library. Our once serene, silent, solace has been replaced with “organized chaos”. Three work crews are currently working diligently on renovations that include compact shelving installation, old carpet removal, and new carpet installation.

Compact shelvers began installing the tracks and bases on Tuesday, June 1. Carpet removal also began Tuesday as Facilities crews work open areas. Meanwhile, another Facilities and Maintenance crew continue to move ranges of Documents and Bound Periodicals round and round and round. Documents staff have lost count of how many volumes have had to be tipped to accommodate the stack movers. We have, however, kept over the counter pain medication companies in business as we discover moving muscles long slumbering. If you see the Facilities guys and the Compact Shelving guys around, give ’em the ole “thumbs up”. These guys are doing an awesome job and are keeping us entertained-literally. (You may have heard the radio sounds of music wafting through floor – we don’t have the heart to shush ’em).

Vickie Mix, Documents Librarian