What’s New at Briggs Library, You Ask?

Carpet and counters and shelves, oh my!

The library has been undergoing major changes this past summer, taking advantage of the quieter time to entertain the cacophony of hammers and saws, drills and sanders, grinders and vacuums. Several work crews installed new carpet and compact shelving on the Lower Level; renovated and expanded the Archives and Special Collections Department to include a new reading room available for the study of the Thomas Daschle collection on the Upper Level (stay tuned for more); and the installation of a new fire alarm system throughout this 1977 building.

Not only is the library changing physically, it is also changing virtually. Beginning September 1, 2010, South Dakota State University retires its tired servers as all University colleges and departments move to the new server. You will find the library has a new virtual home at http://www.sdstate.edu/library/. What hasn’t changed is our committment to University students, faculty, and staff. This is your library and we welcome you to an exciting new semester and new academic year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with all your information needs and enjoy new spaces and places in the library.

Vickie Mix, Documents Librarian


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