Summer Information

May 12, 2011

You are invited to use the library this summer.  SDSU students who are not taking summer classes may still check out materials as long as they are enrolled for the fall semester.  Those not enrolled at SDSU can check out materials with a guest card if they are a South Dakota resident and sixteen years of age or older.

The library is an excellent place to explore information in the summer.  On the main level of the library you will find newspapers, popular magazines and a recent fiction collection.  We have many computers available and there is usually no waiting during the summer months.  Our air conditioning is so super-powered that staff members often bring sweaters to work.

Check the Library Hours page to see when we are open.  You can access the Library Hours page from the library’s home page by clicking on About the Library. The Library Hours page will also let you know when a librarian is on duty.

 Have a great summer!

 Linda Kott
Information Services Librarian

Recent Fiction Collection


Linking to SDSU Library resources in Google Scholar

January 28, 2009

Google, the world’s most heavily used search engine, also has other products available besides the basic search. Google Scholar is a useful tool for locating journals and other scholarly sources. The ease of use and similarity to basic Google attract users to this resource. Now it is possible to check our library holding information in Google Scholar. Google Scholar crawls our library holding information.

For on-campus users:

Go to Google Scholar website ( and do a search, additional links called “Find it@SDSU” are now available. For journal articles, clicking on these links will provide access on your computer to articles included in our e-journal holdings or find the library has a subscription in paper.

For off-campus users, you need to take additional steps:

• Click on the ‘Scholar Preferences’ on the Google Scholar homepage.
• Type “sdsu” in the search box behind Library Links.
• Click on ‘Find Library’
• Select ‘South Dakota State University – Find it@SDSU’ as one of the libraries that you wish to appear on Scholar results screens.
• Click on ‘Save Preferences’ at the bottom of the webpage.

When you click on a link you will be asked for your username and password just as if you where accessing the journal via the library’s Magazine and Journal List.

Please use the “Find it@SDSU” links when using Google Scholar. Our Integrated Systems Librarian, Fei Xu has been working on implementing Google Scholar links to SDSU library holdings and would appreciate feedback or questions about the links.

Mary Caspers-Graper, Head of Technical Services

Request to Add a New Journal Subscription

April 2, 2008

Comment from an SDSU graduate student received on April 2, 2008:

I know journals are expensive, but maybe consider purchasing Ecological Modelling, especially with so many students in the GIScCe.

Our response:

Unfortunately a subscription to Ecological Modelling would cost more than $4500 per year.  With a static budget the library cannot afford to add access to this journal.  The Directors of the Regental Libraries in the state have been working together to increase library funding.  This push has not yet yielded additional funds. We will retain your request and if additional funds become available adding this title will certainly be considered. – Mary Caspers-Graper, Head of Technical Services