IEEE Xplor: a Leading Information Source for Electrical Engineering

July 10, 2007

High quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics is available at your desktop using IEEE Explore.  You can access full text journals and transactions published by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and citations and abstracts for conference proceedings, and standards.  Citations and abstracts are also available for some jointly sponsored periodicals or conference proceedings from and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Optical Society of America, Association for Computing Machinery, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Electrochemical Society. 

Whether you are searching for a specific article or browsing for information on a topic this resource provides the information you need.  IEEE includes over 1.3 million documents and information is added weekly.  IEEE Xplore notifies you when content is added in several ways. You may sign up to receive regular email notification of recently posted journals, magazines and standards.  Alerts include direct links to the issue’s table of contents. RSS Feeds are also available for new content.  If you prefer to explore new content while using IEEE Xplore, the Content Updates feature allows you to view lists of recently added content in journals and magazines, conference proceedings, and standards.

Mary Caspers-Graper, Acquisitions Librarian

Grove Art & Grove Music Online Trials Now Available

July 9, 2007

Briggs library is excited to offer two new database trials:  Grove Art Online and Grove Music Online.  Grove Art Online provides web access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art and The Oxford Companion to Western Art.  There are ongoing additions of new and updated articles, over 3,000 thumbnail art images and line drawings displayed in the text of articles, extensive images links, and sophisticated navigation tools. 

Grove Music Online comprises the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and The New Grove Dictionary of Opera.  To access these trials please visit the Featured and Trials Database page by clicking on the enclosed link or on your next visit to the library’s home page.

~Danielle Becker, Reference/Digital Services Librarian

Gale Digital Collections Now on Trial

July 5, 2007

Gale Digital Collections consists of four robust collections of primary source documents, images, books, maps, transcripts and more.  These collections are organized under the following four headings:

  • The Making of the Western world
  • American History & Culture Online
  • History & Culture Through Media
  • 20th Century Political & Cultural Change

Take a moment to read the full descriptions of these interesting electronic sources simply by clicking the link to the “Featured and Trial Databases” page on your next visit to the Briggs home page.

~Danielle Becker, Reference/Digital Services Librarian

Use a Group Study Room Today!

July 2, 2007

Did you know that Briggs Library has group study rooms available for student use, free of charge?  There are eight group-study rooms that are perfect for use by groups of three or more and six small study rooms for use by one to three people.  These rooms are useful for discussions, presentations and study related to SDSU classes or curriculum, administration or organizations. 

To reserve a group study room simply stop by the Circulation Desk during regular library hours or contact a Circulation staff member at 688-5107.  Thse rooms may be reserved during any hours the library is open.  Regular, semester-long SDSU classes may be scheduled in these rooms Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. through 5:00p.m.  SDSU organizations may schedule regular or recurring meetings in these rooms Monday through Thursday from 5:00p.m. through 10:00p.m. 

Remember to bring a valid SDSU ID or Briggs Library card when making the room reservation because you will need to check out a room key which must be returned when you are finished in the room or before four hours have elapsed from the time the key was checked out (whichever comes first).  Please return this key to avoid overdue fines.

There are also rooms available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

To see a complete list of the group study rooms and a more in-depth explanation of the group study rooms policies and procedures, please click here.

Advance Reservations Permitted

Room 011 (Lower Level, southwest corner, has video equipment and accommodates 4-8 people)

Room 126 (Main Level, north wall, small group study room, accommodated 6-8 people)

Room 127 (Main Level, north wall conference room, behind rooms 126 & 128, accommodates 12+ people)

Room 128 (Main Level, north wall, small group study room, accommodates 4-6 people)

Advance Reservations Not Permitted

The following rooms may not be reserved in advance in order to ensure that space is available for spontaneous group use:

Keyed Rooms That Are Not Reserved

Room 004 (Lower level, southeast hallway, VCR player, small group study, accommodated 2-3 people)

Room 005 (Lower level, southeast hallway, Typing/ESL, accommodates 2-3 people)

  • These rooms may be used for up to four hours by a group.
  • These rooms have a key which must be check out and may be used for up to four hours with the appropriate SDSU ID or Briggs Library Card.

Open Rooms That Will Remain Unlocked

Room 003 (Lower Level, east wall, large conference/group room, accommodates 18-20 people)

Room 006 (Lower Level, southeast hallway, individual study, accommodates 1-2 people)

Room 007 (Lower Level, southeast hallway, individual study, accommodates 1-2 people)

Room 008 (Lower Level, southeast hallway, small group study, accommodates 2-3 people)

Room 015 (Lower Level, northwest corner, small group study, accommodates up to 8 people)

Room 205 (Closed for the summer, Upper Level, southeast corner)

Room 207 (Upper Level, southeast wall, small group study, accommodates 1-2 people)

Room 242 (Upper Level, by elevator, group study, accommodated 6-8 people)

  • These rooms may be used for up to four hours by a group.
  • They will remain unlocked.

~Danielle Becker, Reference/Digital Services Librarian